Traditional Rock & Punk,.Hits, Favourites & Music for Dancing
The Saints Are Coming are a fast, furious and fun band playing Celtic punk,rock, traditional hits and favourites while crowds dance, laugh, drink and have a great time each and every time.  Folks that have experienced their live performances quickly become fans due to their music, energy, enthusiasm and engaging stage presence.  

Forged in Hamilton and brought together to play the best most crowd-appealing music, The Saints Are Coming are a seven (sometimes 8) piece outfit that often showcase special guests as well.  Venue owners love this band, and find that most everyone in the audience will already know and absolutely love the songs they play.  And wherever they play, the crowd sticks around!  

The individual members are all seasoned professionals, with wide ranging influences from punk, rock, jazz, blues to classical, R&B and alternative music... however the sound they have together is distinctly Celtic and rocking because of their unique instrumentation.
Band Stats
Rockin’ Pub Hits

The Saints Are Coming  

Founded: Mar 17, 2011
Members: 7 sometimes 8 
Genre 1: Celtic Rock
Genre 2: Celtic Punk 
Genre 3: A healthy selection of Traditional Derangements
From: Hamilton, ON, Canada 
Will Play: Pubs, Bars, Rock Venues, Patios, Outdoor Festivals, Indoor Festivals, Street Festivals, Alternative Gigs, Sue’s Garden Party, and um do you get the idea they really like to play?
Ontario’s Premier Celtic Rock Band